Welcome to ProjectAide! Working at the intersection of humanitarian, development and peace-building sectors, ProjectAide enables clients to achieve programmatic impact regardless of the context in which they operate and despite any internal capacity bottlenecks they face. Building on over 20 years of experience in project development, project management and programme leadership in the most fragile and volatile contexts, ProjectAide supports clients with hands-on grants and service contract management, strategic planning and business development.

Why dandelion as a logo? With the mission of providing technical and project management support to clients whenever and wherever they may require it, dandelion's botanic features are both an inspiration and a metaphor for what ProjectAide strives to accomplish. Why is that? Dandelion, with their golden flowers in the early spring,  represents the return of life after a harsh winter, and as such it is a display of abundant strength and power as they tolerate a wide range of conditions. The impact of the fragile puffball is far-reaching as the head flies away spreading the seeds of dandelion up to a couple hundred kilometers away!

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