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I was born and raised in Poland, in the beautiful city of Wroclaw. As a 16 year old, I went to complete my high school education abroad, at an international boarding school in Oxford, UK. Having studied and shared a life with people from over 100 countries of diverse ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds was a life-changing experience (to say the least) , which inspired me to continue with international higher education in Germany and the United States - and motivated my professional career choices thereafter.

Since the early 2000s, I have worked at headquarters and in the field for various international, multi-mandated humanitarian, development and human rights and advocacy organizations and private sector companies across West Africa (Burkina Faso, Benin, Ghana, Liberia, Niger, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Togo), the Horn of Africa (Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia), Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo; in the Middle East (Jordan, Palestine, United Arab Emirates), as well as in Asia (Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar).

My present and past portfolio of projects includes grants, service contracts and framework contracts funded by the German Development Cooperation (GIZ, BMZ), German Federal Foreign Office, KfW, EU, ECHO, Multidonor Trustfunds, SIDA, UN, World Bank,  and many others.  

I like to think of myself as a “generalist”, who has a high affinity for numbers and data-based evidence on the one hand, and for facilitation, coordination, and team-formation & leadership on the other. I thrive the most when faced with a complex problem that requires structured yet pragmatic thinking and facilitated teamwork.

I speak fluent German, English and Polish and intermediary French.