Forecasting project pipeline to better plan staff resources required for project management is not an easy task. NGOs, consulting companies, foundations, all face similar constraints: finding the right balance between acquiring enough financial means to continue to fulfill their purpose and having sufficient staff resources to be able to implement high-quality programmes. The striving for equilibrium is without a doubt important, but often very hard to reach and sustain. ProjectAide has been created to help Organisations out when internal capacity bottlenecks exist without sacrificing on quality implementation.   

“Aide” means right-hand man; a trustworthy and competent deputy and it is with that in mind that the following services are provided to clients in need: hands-on project management, from initial briefing to kick-off day (start-up workshop) and beyond, with direct responsibility for day-to-day management of processes and workflows. This includes but is not limited to the following deliverables: 

  • Facilitation and documentation of pre-kick off meetings with clients/donors

  • Updating of Project Plans: Work Plans and Logframes etc.  

  • Selection and mobilisation of project staff 

  • Organising and facilitating kick-off workshops 

  • Creating project communication guidelines,  

  • If relevant: following up and supervision of inception report 

  • Operationalisation of results monitoring framework 

  • Results monitoring - remotely and in the field

  • Preparing of funds requests, invoices 

  • Supervising and/or report writing to clients/donors 

  • Project closure: facilitation and documentation of lessons-learned; preparation of final report to client/donor.

Recent examples of projects/portfolios managed include, but are not limited to:

April-July, 2023- Interim Programme Manager (GFFO funded) in Syria & Central African Republic, Médecins du Monde. 

Since September 2022- Programme Coordinator Ukraine Crisis Response, World Vision

October 2021-July 2022, Senior Project Manager, m4h for the GIZ funded Service Contract related to the end evaluation of the Project "Promotion of the return of Somali refugees with a community oriented reintegration approach, Somalia".  

December 2021-July 2022, Senior Project Manager, m4h for the EU Service Contract related to Technical Assistance to Ethiopian Health Insurance Agency IT Platform Project

January 2018-September 2021, Portfolio Manager, World Vision Germany -Somalia. Portfolio included: 

  • EU Trust Fund /SIDA funded Grant Contract Strengthening Resilience in Somalia Programme;
  • EU Trust Fund- funded Durable Solution Project in Somaliland;
  • German Federal Foreign Office -funded Humanitarian Response Project in Somalia; 
  • BMZ Transitional Development Assistance Project

January 2018-September 2022, Technical Backstopper/ Supervisor, World Vision Germany of KfW-funded Peacebuilding Reconstruction project in South Darfur, Sudan 

August 2016-December 2018, Portfolio Manager for World Vision Germany in South Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo

For more information and project references please see CV for details.