The most common barriers for Organisations to develop and implement a great strategy are time constraints, being caught up firefighting/ dealing with daily business, lack of commitment of the team, not understanding what strategy is and finally lack of quality and timely data and info required to make strategic decisions. Having studied International Business for my undergraduate degree, I cannot dismiss my commercial frame of mind! Even after having spent most of my career working for the non-profit sector, I am drawn to marketing, product development or production optimization concepts, which have been developed to foster innovation and strategic business orientation. My favorite ones are the Design Thinking, Agile Innovation frameworks or the Kaizen tools. Together with the sector-relevant planning tools (e.g. Theory of Change, Most Significant Change, Logical Framework Matrix,  Do No Harm), these instruments become powerful strategy formulation frameworks also (or especially) for the humanitarian and development sector. 

Building on years of leadership positions and hands-on strategic planning, ProjectAide: 

  • Facilitates strategy development: programme, country or regional strategy 

  • Advises on strategy implementation/internal process optimisation  

  • Conducts applied research, supporting evidence-based strategy development process. 

A few references include, but are not limited to:  

As a Team Leader/Supervisor: 

March-June 2022, Pre-feasibility Study for Participatory Measures for Peacebuilding Reconstruction (m4h for KfW), 

September 2018-January 2019, Regional Programme Strategy Africa 2019 –2021 (World Vision Germany) 

September 2015-March 2016, National Eye Health Plan (2017-2021) - The Republic of the Union of Myanmar (International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness)  

September 2009-January 2010 West Africa Regional Programme Strategy 2010-2013 (CBM International) 

Contributing Team Member:  

May-September 2021, Strategic Plan –Our Promise- World Vision Germany  

January-March 2021, Programme Strategy Somalia -World Vision International  

July-September 2020, Programme Strategy Burundi - World Vision International

2011/2012-Togo Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper-making the National Strategy for Boosting Growth and Promoting Employment (Scape 2013-2017) inclusive of persons with disabilities  

September 2009-December 2009, MAKE DEVELOPMENT INCLUSIVE How to include the perspectives of persons with disabilities in the project cycle management guidelines of the European Union (EU)